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Gift Policy

Dover Town Library Policy on Gifts and Special Collections

1.Encouragement of gifts for memorial purposes
The Trustees of the Dover Library actively encourage the establishment of trusts and gifts for memorials.

2. Conditions for gifts of money
Tax-deductible donations may be made to the Dover Library Gift Fund. Expenditure of this money is determined by the Trustees.

3. Tax-deductible gifts
The Library staff cannot estimate the value of a gift for tax purposes. The Director will write a letter acknowledging the receipt of the item, but the donor must determine the value.

4. Conditions for acceptance of books and other materials
Materials in good physical condition, containing accurate current information, and deemed by the Director likely to be of use to patrons, may be accepted.

5. Disposition of gifts
The Director may accept materials which are not added to the collection with the understanding that these items may be sold, donated, or otherwise disposed of by the Director. The donor relinquishes and assigns to the Library all legal rights to the donated material.

6. Acceptance of personal property, art objects, portraits, etc.
Gifts of this nature will be considered on an individual basis by Library Trustees and the Director. The Trustees reserve the right to decline a gift. These items may be displayed, stored, or disposed of at the direction of the Library Trustees. The donor relinquishes and assigns to the Library all legal rights to the donated material.

7. Acceptance and shelving of special collections
The prime consideration in accepting a special collection is its usefulness to library patrons. Special collections present special challenges, particularly in shelving. Separate shelving reduces the effectiveness of a collection as a working part of the Library’s holdings, and is discouraged by the Director, and Trustees. The Director determines the acceptability and disposition of special collections.

8. Use of special bookplates
The Library has special bookplates to use in memorial books or other donations. In the case of a large number of books purchased through a trust fund, the donor may have special bookplates designed and left at the library to be added to books as they are purchased.
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9. Acceptance of historical materials and writings of local authors
The Director may accept books and other printed materials for its Dover or Massachusetts collections. If the Director feels that some materials would be better used by the Dover Historical Society, the donor will be referred there. The Library staff will accept the writings of local authors in so far as they meet the criteria set forth in the Library’s Book Selection Policy.

10. Acceptance of special interest literature
The Library needs to maintain a balance on matters of opinion, so the Director reserves the right to limit the quantity of material accepted concerning special causes and viewpoints.

11. Gift Acknowledgement form
Both the donor and a Library staff member should sign and date the “Gift Acknowledgement” form for all donations to the Library other than monetary contributions. One copy of this form goes to the donor, one is retained by the Library.

October 2007
Revised and Updated: November 2010

Please print out and remit to address listed at the end of the form. Thank you!

I enclose a gift of $ ____________
(Please make check payable to the Dover Town Library)

My Gift Honors:
Name of person honored
Subject of books or interests (optional)

Please use this gift for:
_________A commemorative book
_________ A memorial book

Name of Donor_______________
Telephone #___________________

Acknowledgement of this gift should be sent to:

Dover Town Library
56 Dedham Street
Post Office Box 669
Dover, MA 02030

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Planned Gifts

Ensure that your support will live on by including the Dover Town Library in your estate plans. Making a planned gift provides resources for future library users, and extends the joy you have experienced at the Library to others.

A planned gift represents your values and creates a lasting impact on your community. You may choose to designate support for general purposes, or for your favorite section of the Library, such as children’s programming, collections, or staff development.

There are a variety of ways to make a charitable, planned gift. One of the simplest is to give through your will or living trust. You can also make the Library a beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance policy.

We are very grateful to our dedicated donors. If you have already made a planned gift, please let us know; if you intend to make a planned gift or have questions, please contact the library administration at 508-785-8113 X 5 so we can provide more information.