COA Lifetime Learning

May 01
10:30am - 12:00pm

The Community Room

A Look Back in Time: The James Webb Space Telescope
HYBRID (Zoom and In Person)

On Christmas Day, 2021, NASA launched its next-generation telescope. The James Webb Space Telescope, like the Hubble Space Telescope stargazing for the past 25 years, will bring a quantum improvement in the study of the heavens. By looking deeper into the universe, Webb is actually seeing further into the past as it takes the light from these distant stars time to reach us. This makes JWST a time machine on a hunt for the very origins of everything from the Big Bang onward to today.

David S. Ball is a volunteer educator with NASA. As a Solar System Ambassador with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, he presents topics related to American activities in space. His passion is the intersection of space and postal history. His first book, American Astrophilately: The First Fifty Years, was nominated for a national book award.

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