Growing Strong Readers

Jan 23
10:00am - 11:00am

The Community Room

Dover Town Library welcomes Joan Kelley to speak to parents and grandparents about how to set children up to be successful readers — starting from birth.  Joan has spent over 10 years doing literacy research and helping schools and policymakers create classroom settings that focus on building the kind of skills children need to read well.  Working with Nonie Lesaux, a professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the team has recently found a way to include parents. Two months ago, they launched, a website that  gives parents the information, tools and resources to learn about their children’s reading-related skills today, and track progress going forward– from birth to grade 3.

As Joan explained, “There are certain skills children need to become strong readers, and these skills start accumulating from birth.  As researchers and educators, we know that parents need to be aware of their children’s skill development so that they can help them reach their full potentials, but actually most parents don’t even know the three types of skills children need. We knew that there was no tool out there to give parents this information on what it takes to read well, or personalized information about their specific children’s strengths and weaknesses, so we had to build one. That’s why we created the Parent Uptake Project, and PUP Reading.”

Joan went to Harvard College (’84) and the Harvard Graduate School of Education (’05). She lives with her husband, John, in Needham, and has three grown children.