Messages From Spirit: A Mediumship Experience

Oct 11
6:00pm - 7:30pm

The Community Room

Join us for a special evening with psychic medium Cathy Ripley-Greene.

We all have questions about the “afterlife.” What happens when we die? Do our loved ones watch us from Spirit? Do the deceased miss us as much as we miss them? Join practicing Medium, Dr. Cathy Ripley Greene, as she shares what she has learned while in communication with countless loved ones in Spirit. This thought provoking, healing evening includes a discussion of some of the most commonly asked questions about Spirit and a Mediumship demonstration including an explanation of how the process works. Dr. Cathy will make connections with Spirit for some audience members. Although time does not allow for a connection for all, everyone present will experience the blessings of Spirit’s messages.

This experience offers laughter, some tears, hope and healing for all. Dr. Cathy has been providing connections with Spirit for healing privately and within a group setting for many years.