Passport to Retirement *Cancelled*

Mar 20
6:00pm - 8:00pm

The Community Room

The financial markets can be volatile, the cost of health care keeps rising, many companies have eliminated traditional pensions, tax laws change, and Americans’ purchasing power continues to erode over time. Many people aren’t on track to accumulate the savings they will need to enjoy the retirement lifestyle they deserve. Investing a few hours of your time at our retirement course could pay off immediately. You will gain confidence in your financial decision-making ability to assess your potential sources of retirement income, improve your investment potential, manage your financial risk, and help preserve your estate for your heirs. You’ll also find out how to avoid unnecessary taxes, make sound choices when claiming Social Security, and help protect yourself from the potentially devastating costs associated with a disability or long-term-care expense. After attending this course, you should be better prepared to face the challenges and enjoy the reward the rewards that retirement can bring.