Welcome to the Dover Town Library!

Dover Town Library

At the end of February, the library unveiled the final renovation of the library’s main floor. Evoking a current trend of library architecture and design, a “human-centered design principle” was the guideline for the final plan. You will find a palette of sophistication and calm. The space is welcoming, modern and flexible. The public is singing praises over the beautiful, welcoming environment and rejuvenated services. The main floor was closed for three and a half months and the majority of the collection was in storage for four and a half months, yet as people return they are finding more of what they want and surprised by things they never expected.

There are quite study spaces, more seating options and a learning and discovery center. There’s complimentary tea and coffee (compliments of the Friends) where you can meet with friends and neighbors. There are spaces to read the newspapers and seating to use the WiFi. There’s new technology that allows you to swim with a whale, print in 3D and navigate outer space. There are more options for gamers, including an old fashioned chess table.

More importantly are the improvements that have been made to our library’s book collections. We continue in our efforts to add more fiction and Speed Reads, as well as multiple copies of the hottest reads and in-demand titles.  In order to provide Dover residents preferred access to the latest titles, all new books stay in-house for up to six months before they become available for interlibrary loan. This means that there are more titles available for browsing.  All Speed Reads circulate for three weeks giving patrons longer to enjoy.

Our nonfiction collection continues to improve based on criteria such as authorship, accuracy, scope, currency and objectivity. The history collection covers a wider range of events that have happened, both in the United States and the World. The medical collection has been updated and covers a broad spectrum of illnesses and health related interests and concerns. Sports collection now includes the rules for a broader array of games but also includes topics such as sailing, running, biking, hunting, camping and outdoor survival. Cookbooks are even more popular since we have added food from around the world, as well as various cooking styles and books regarding dietary and health concerns.

Decisions regarding book selections are aided by professional journals, current and popular lists. We continue to collect materials, organize and deliver them to the public, based on current library principles, standards and best practices. Public recommendations and requests weigh heavily on our decisions on what to purchase but must also comply with our Materials Selection Policy and budget. We are in constant pursuit of titles that improve our collections. We gladly accept suggestions.

Our unique objects collections have been embraced by so many who see the economic value of having items available to try before purchasing or simply just to borrow for annual chore. So many are excited about being able to borrow a sewing machine, a pottery wheel or small kitchen appliance. Families enjoy playing board or backyard games, pitching a tent or using binoculars. Most of our objects extend a hands-on component for a particular discipline, complement a family gathering, and lend a hand to an annual task. No matter what the reason, people have integrated these objects into their daily lives and come to the library for a variety of reasons.

Because play is vital to the mastery of complex strategies in language, social interactions, physical movement, problem solving, toys have become an integral part of our collection. A variety of toys including board games, puzzles, dolls, electronics and building kits may be borrowed for three weeks using your library card. All of the unique objects, toys and technology we circulate are purchased with monies raised by the Friends of Dover Library.

The following databases are free and accessible from your home, work or while in the library and include:

  • is available to assist you with informed consumer decisions.
  • allows you to pick from over 4,500 independent films from your favorite film festivals from around the world and stream directly to your home computer or portable device to watch on your TV.
  • teaches real conversations in over 60 languages. Access from anywhere, from any device for free using your library card. 
  • is an incredible opportunity to invest in your continuing education. Access to 100s of instructor-led, online classes with CEU credits. Free with your library card.
  • allows you to explore your personal history and family tree. Access is limited to within the library only.
  • borrow free digital movies, music and books instantly 24/7 with your library card.

Every library program is made possible because of financial support from the Friends of the Library, private donations and grants. Programming happens daily at the library and is an important part of library services. On any given day you can find something that may pique your interest or satisfy your curiosity. Programs stimulate dialogue and introduce ideas and culture for our community to explore, learn and enjoy.  Book Clubs provide stimulating discourse. “Learning and Explorative” spaces geared for Adults, Teens and Children provides hands-on experiences to multiple disciplines throughout the year.

The Staff remains committed to our library’s mission of providing free open access to the world’s knowledge, information and culture. We are always pleased to assist with reader’s advisory, help pick out a great book, place a hold on a new title, or answer questions. We are a team of professionals dedicated to the community. Every day we strive to build a meaningful collection of materials, to offer a variety of engaging programs and make the Dover Town Library a worthwhile destination for you and your family.