“Play is the highest form of research.” — Albert Einstein

Explore knowledge and topics of interest through play!   The Dover Town Library now has an extensive toy collection to help stimulate children’s natural curiosity and creativity, and to help families delve deeper into science, engineering, shapes and sounds, building and music, and  more!

Why toys?

For a child, play is the vehicle for exploring and learning, developing new skills, and connecting with others.  Play has important links to the development of key skills, such as critical thinking, communication, problem solving, and collaboration.  The science of brain development is providing concrete evidence that there is real power in play. While often dismissed as “just fun,” play is the vital activity that children use to learn about and interact with their world.  Children can follow their interests, explore the unknown, link outcomes with choices, conquer their fears, and make friends.  All toys are available to checkout and they circulate for 3 weeks.

Have fun and Play!

Articles and Resources:

The Play Deficit, by Peter Gray