Digital Collections

Digital Collections

Our world is mobile, global,and interconnected. Freedom of access to information, freedom of assembly, freedom of inquiry, as well as core concerns like privacy and identity, have been altered by mobile technology. Our library has transformed itself to meet the needs of our community in this rapidly evolving mobile and digital age.

We integrated mobile technology and digital content into the fabric of all of our collections, programs, and services. This was done to enable users ways to experience knowledge and information in new ways, to assist people in learning how to build and manage effective knowledge networks and to acquire digital skills needed to participate in a globally networked and interconnected world.

You may or may not be interested in the digital world, you may be afraid of technology, you may love social networks, you may or may not have a smartphone…wherever you are on your digital journey, we are here to help.

Our staff can direct you to great content and apps, assist you in navigating new platforms and learning how to use new devices, can answer your questions, and help you explore a wide and growing spectrum of digital content, knowledge, formats, and emerging technologies.

Apple TV
Our library has LCD screens running Apple TV. Apple TV technology allows you and everyone in your group with an ipad or iphone to connect wirelessly mirroring your content from your device to the TV and share, discuss, play, brainstorm,together as a group.

We have a large and growing collection of apps for all age levels and interests. They are categorized into folders on all of our circulating and in-house ipads.

For your reading pleasure our Kindlesare preloaded with over a thousand titles appealing to every age and interest, fiction and nonfiction. If you would like to check out digital books to your own device, this service is available to you through the Gutenberg Project and Overdrive and access through Hoopla using your library card.Have questions about any of it, please ask one of us.

We offer a wide range of circulating tech devices – from ipads, Kindles, blu-ray and DVD players and a variety gaming consoles. We also have a variety of tech-toys: such as sifteo cubes and app-controlled wireless spy tanks. You are welcome to check out any of these devices and explore! As always our staff is here to assist you with any questions or help you may need.

Within the library we offer two ‘always open’ gaming areas. Both areas are set up with an XBOX, a PS3, and a wii. We circulate a large collection of games. You are welcome to play any game you like whenever you like within the library or check the game out to play at home. We also circulate gaming consoles, as well as the NintendoDS, Nintendo3DS, and Playstation Vita.

We offer large circulating collections of blu-rays and DVDs. We have established a collection of digital copes of popular films as well, and many are available for circulation on our circulating ipads should you be interested. We offer a streaming video service for independent films

Online Resources
We have many online resources available to you – a complete list is on the sidebar, as well as access a wealth of databases through our memberships in the Minuteman Library Network.